The natural Slurry Management Solution
for dairy/beef farmers

Slurry King Cattle is a slurry conditioner that con tains specially selected, naturally occurring bacteria.

Significant reductions in crusting, solids and odours
Within a matter of weeks the bacteria works to produce a liquid, consistent slurry, which is always ready to spread, with little odour. Far less time (up to 50% less) is spent on mixing and pumping. Blockages are a rarity.

Significant Savings
Farmers nationwide are saving large amounts of money and time using Slurry King Cattle. For a typical 100 head herd, average savings up to 45 per cow *.
Fertiliser value is boosted by up to 50% and many farmers drastically reduce their spend on chemical nitrogen.

*Saving calculated based on a herd of 100 cattle.

I bought Slurry King for a troublesome tank which was hard to agitate, even with added water. It reduced the agitation time to half an hour, from 5 hours with no added water.
The slurry consistency at spreading was hugely better than normal and the smell was also reduced. We cut 18 acres of baled silage in mid-April this year, which I largely contribute to Slurry King conditioner. I took a heavy cut of silage from the fields that got the Slurry King conditioned slurry and now after another spreading we are grazing these fields with no extra nitrogen.
Without doubt it's good stuff and I will be using it in all my tanks from now on.

Jamie Kealy, dairy farmer, Slaney Quarter, Tullow, Co. Carlow.
Teagasc/Glanbia monitor farm. Teagasc student of the year.

  • SAVE on fertiliser, labour, diesel and machinery hire
  • EASY to use, one application
  • REDUCE odours, flies, complaints, improve house and working areas
  • ACCURATE and even application of fertiliser nutrients
  • REDUCED leaf contamination
  • SPREAD when convenient, slurry always liquid, minimal crusts and solids
  • SCIENTIFICALLY proven, unbeaten on scientific trials
  • BEST value - 25%-50% cheaper than competitor products
  • SAVE money, by an average of 45 per cow per year
  • BOOST fertiliser value by up to 50%
  • MAXIMISE tank storage capacity

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