Slurry King Scraper is the automatic scraper system designed with simplicity and reliability in mind, with no complicated mechanical or sensitive electronic components. From our years ofexperience, we can say hands down, that this system is the best slurry scraper on the market today.
Control Panel

The control panel gives the user the option of running passages on two different programs. It may be necessary to
run some passages at different times, this is especially important if one or more passages are for dry cows and needto be shut down when cows are not being watched.

  • Up to 6 channels, two separate programs
  • Simple to use
  • IP65 rated
  • Emergency stop
  • Monitors oil level
  • Manual or automatic operation
Hydraulic Power Unit

Our hydraulic unit is made in Ireland, the motor on the unit is a robust 1.5kw Teco motor which is one of the
 best on the market for this type of system. This unit will give years of trouble free service.

  • Mechanical auto reverse valve
  • Teco motor 2hp
  • Suction filter
  • Oil return filter
  • Oil level switch
  • Oil sight glass
  • Quick release lid
  • Filler breather cap
  • Pressure adjustment valve
Blade Assembly

The scraper blade is constructed from heavy duty steel and has a double locking ratchet mechanism with stainless steel springs which also acts as a rail cleaner.
A leg defender is fitted to the back of the cross beam to eliminate bruising of cows legs when the scraper is reversing back up the passage to park position. The leg defender is especially important if the channel is a feed passage.

  • Heavy duty material
  • Double locking rachet mechanism
  • Stainless steel Springs
  • Leg Defender

The Rambox is simplicity itself with no moving parts except the cylinder. The stop switch is a close proximity switch
and is mounted in the rambox but does not make contact with the scraper blade as it has no moving parts.
The solenoid valves for each passage are wall mounted.

  • Cylinder 50mm bore, 30mm shaft
  • Heavy duty
  • Proximity switch
  • No moving parts

The rail is constructed from 4mm steel in 8ft sections and is double notched. The double notching of the rail allows the scraper blade to bypass any notches with dry slurry or deal with problems caused by roll-back due to large amounts of slurry in front of the scraper blade. All rail retainers which hold down the rail to the floor are bolted down with stainless steel coach screws. Rail retainers and rail joiners are heavy galvanized steel.

  • 4mm heavy galvanized steel
  • Double notched
  • Stainless steel floor bolts
  • Retainers and joiners heavy galvanized steel
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